Low Voltage Electrical Distribution Boards

The electrical energy that illuminates many open or closed areas in which we spend our time in daily life, enables the devices in it to operate, is transmitted by low voltage distribution panels. In building-type transformer-centered structures, the low voltage is transferred from the transformer to the main distribution panel, and from there to the facility via sub-distribution panels with size divisions according to the operating class. In pole-type transformer-centered structures, low voltage is transferred from the metering panel to the main distribution panel, and then to the facility via sub-distribution panels according to the operating class. In addition, the transformer center is remote, and in the secondary user class buildings, the low voltage coming to the main entrance is transferred to the facility from the distribution panel with the measurement compartment. With the use of distribution panels, the electricity requirement of the facility or structures can be controlled from one or more points. In case of a need for reactive power in these facilities, an automatic reactive power control panel (compensation panel) is produced to keep inductive and capacitive loads under control.


– With the customer request of offer from our company and after receiving the related technical documents under this commitment, the details of the relevant project are examined and the offer is created,

-If our offer is accepted as appropriate by the customer, the production pictures and circuit diagrams of the panels are prepared and submitted to the approval of the customer,

-Following the approval of the customer, the order list of the switch materials belonging to the project content is created and the necessary orders are placed,

-All panels and switchgear, reaching our factory are visually and functionally subjected to quality control tests.

-All switchgear materials and panels with the modular bodies are assembled by our experienced technical team in accordance with the related production picture and circuit diagram.

-Assembly operations are carried out in accordance with work safety rules and quality standards.

-After the assembly, factory-type tests of the produced distribution panels are carried out.

-After the production of the panels is taken on a wooden pallet to prevent damage during their transportation, the whole body structure is wrapped and packaged with a 10 mm thick styrofoam material that is resistant to impact.

-Our technical team, which performs the assembly and testing procedures, provides the customer with the necessary technical training after the delivery and the project is completed.


*** ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management system is applied in our factory. After all low voltage panels are tested in the test section in our factory in accordance with the electricity distribution facilities regulations, the circuit diagram and necessary technical details of the relevant panel are placed in the project pocket inside each panel and delivered to the end-user.